Who we are

At Centrex Solutions, we are focused on building client solutions using technology and industry expertise. The word Centrex represents “Center of Excellence”, which is the foundation of our team’s core principles to our clients. Our team has years of industry experience, technology expertise and proven delivery methodologies which combined can provide new solutions with greater returns.

Our experience

We provide a wide variety of end to end solutions for the Energy industry.

Trading Systems / ETRM
Pipeline Integration (EDI)
Cloud Services
Machine Learning

Development Principles


We work with our clients to understand their business pain points and work with them to build feasible technical solutions.

Agile Development

We have frequent scrum meetings to review the development progress and make sure that the project is aligned with our client expectations.


Our QA engineers will make sure that the acceptance criteria have all been met and document any issues with the development team.


We support our clients by providing managed service arrangements allowing them to purchase a bucket of hours versus requiring full-time resources at all times.

Our services

We have been providing our clients with the following services.

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Energy Trade Risk Management

Energy Trading and Risk Management (ETRM) is vital to managing your transactions and evaluating your risk positions. Centrex Solutions has years of experience working with ETRM solutions and solving specific client issues based on their trading strategies.

EDI Pipeline Integration

We have built a custom Pipeline Integration product that allows for an end-to-end bi-directional flow of data between your pipelines and ETRM system. This easy integration product will be customizable for specific pipelines while reducing the need for additional manual entry and potential errors. This can easily save your organization time, resources and money.

Disruptive Technologies

The technology advancements in the last few years have left a lot of people confused about how Machine Learning, Blockchain, IoT, and other disruptive technologies work and can help their organization. At Centrex Solutions, we can help you put the pieces together and determine the right technologies for your business needs.

Our specialization

We work with our clients to provide solutions for specialized problems and services.

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We specialize in full stack application development.


ETRM implementations for Gas, Power, and Crude products.

Technical Documentation

Technical review and documentation of projects

Project Management

Agile project management of technical projects to make sure goals and budgets are aligned.

Web Design

We provide full stack web development of new application and support of existing applications.

Disruptive Technologies

We specialize in Machine Learning, IoT, and other disruptive technologies. We work extensively with the AWS core services stack.